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We are now Australia’s premier Halal Certification organization specializing in certifying Flavourings to be sold in Indonesia. WAHA also provides certifiation for meat and other various food processing procedures.

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Here at the Western Australia Halal Authority, you will find our staff to be friendly and knowledgeable. And with our years of experience, we can help quickly get your Halal Certification with an easy certification process.

Our specialty is helping those wanting to sell to Indonesia or other countries outside of Australia. We are familiar with their strict guidelines and can help sort products with flavourings, additives, and other ingredients that might cause delays in your ability to sell to these countries.


The Importance of Eating Halal

Muslims are advised to eat what is good, pure, clean, wholesome and nourishing. In general, everything is allowed (halal) except what has been specifically forbidden.

Consuming halal is an order of Allah and an essential part of the Islamic faith. Allah (SWT) has repeatedly emphasized the importance of halal consumption in the Quran.

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  • The Australian Islamic College (AIC)
  • Academy, Class and Muslim Center
  • Medical Doctors and Dentists
  • Muslim Burials
  • Marriage Celebrants
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