Steps to Obtain Halal Certification

Below you will find important information about the process and fees that are involved in obtaining your Halal Certification.

Halal Certification Process Flowchart

The audit program includes a two-stage initial audit, surveillance audit in the first and the second years, and a recertification audit in the third year prior to expiration of certification.

The three years certification cycle begins with the certification or recertification decision. The determination of the audit program and any subsequent amendments consider the size of the organization of the client, the scope and complexity of its management system, products, and processes as well as the demonstrated effectiveness of level of management system and the results of any previous audits.

The halal certificate is valid for three years and will be suspended or cancelled at any time when the certified organization is found to contravene the approved halal standard and related requirements.

Fees and Charges

Certification cost varies and depends on the size of the organization, number of HACCP plan, staff number, the nature and size of operations, product categories and the number of the products.

Your Certification License will either be site based, which tells your customers that everything produced at that site is Halal, or it will list the products that we have certified as Halal.

During the term of your Certification License, you may request to add, change, or remove products from you Certification.

Product fees are based on sliding scale linked to the volume of product items and the size of the organization.

Please enquire today to give you a customized quote specific to your business.

Need Help with Halal Certification?

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