Flavourings to Indonesia

Indonesia requires strict adherence to Halal Certification before allowing products to be shipped to their country.

WAHA has the knowledge and authority to fully certify your processed foods in regards to flavourings and additives. Contact us to speak to one of our qualified staff that can help you in your Halal Certification Process.

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Meat Certification

WAHA has years of experience certifying Australian companies that butcher and process meat.

With our extensive background in Halal Certification, we can quickly help you get your company certified with ease.

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Restaurants and Stores

Local Restaurants, Stores, Cafes and Shops can benefit from showing their customers they are a Halal Certified facility.

Our staff has the knowledge and ability to quickly certify your business to be Halal Certified, as well as publish your company details in our website’s business directories.


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Halal Certified Products and Services

Need Help with Halal Certification?

Contact our friendly staff to help you with Halal Certification and the approval process or anything else concerning Halal food standards.